Friday, April 23, 2010

St. John of the Cross 2010 First Communion

The preparation began many months ago-
Filled with lessons and important things to know.

Week in and week out, the teachers prepared a lesson-
To get their message through to each child, one by one.

And before long, all those classes turned into looking forward to the big day-
The day when everyone would participate, together, all headed the same way.


The dresses and suits were bought, and prepared carefully-
To accommodate a great celebration for the whole parish to see.

And then the day came when all dressed up, the children stood in line-
A little nervous, but so much joy, one could easily find.

Beautiful little children dressed in their very best.
A wonderful celebration, with the whole parish, becoming their special guests.

As they walked in procession, into St. John of the Cross, Catholic Church, in New Caney, first-
The teachers, the altar boys, and Father Hai, followed behind, as had been rehearsed.

A day to remember, for God's little ones, their First Communion Day-
On the 10th of April, 2010, a fine, beautiful Saturday.

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey

East Montgomery County

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Three Things To Do RIght Before Lent

Three things to do right before Lent:

1. Pray.

2. Prepare.

3. Get together with the women of your church.
Don't know where the time went-
But another day with Sister Maria Theresa Nguyen,
studying Women of the Bible, was precious time spent.

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey
Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Saturday, February 6, 2010


S         t. John of the Cross-

O        n game day, decides not to chance a loss.

U       tilizing the little members of the parish to help

             to fill the soup pot-

P        recious little children who always like to help out

            a whole lot.

E       vidently giving it all their best during Souper Bowl 2010-

R       ealizing that an end to hunger is what we all intend.

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey
East Montgomery County

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Three Things That The Mom's Time Out Kids Did This Week

Three things that the Mom's Time Out Kids did this week:

1. Weather the artic blast.

2. Hear one of Miss Mary's stories that was written
    especially for them.

3. Drink delicious hot chocolate that was prepared by
   their wonderful teachers.
Much warmth did occur-
With the quick turn of a
hot chocolate stir.

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey
Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Friday, January 8, 2010

Mr. Lester Is Doing Fine

Mr. Lester, our precious parish clown-

Is doing well, and can readily be seen

"running" around.

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey
East Montgomery County

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Three Good Things About This Winter

Three good things about this winter:

1. It has been mild.

2. Much blessings have come our way.

3. The new system for the educational building.
Much heat-
Is so neat.

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey
Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Three Good Things About Sunday Morning

Three good things about Sunday morning:

1. Mass.

2. Friendship.

3. That pancake breakfast.
Thanks to the Catholic Daughters we had
a morning fest-
Delicious sausage and pancakes for

Mary Elizabeth Rumsey
Three by M.E./Rhymes of the Times